News from Israel

Our Jews for Jesus staff was blessed the past year to see an impressive number of Israelis come to faith, 45 of whom accepted Messiah during our Behold Your God campaign. Our team continues to follow up with and disciple everyone who has professed faith in our Lord.

We also continue meeting one-on-one with those who have expressed a sustained interest in learning about Yeshua. We continue to hold weekly Bible studies for soldiers, young people and children. We also have a Women’s Book Club at a local congregation. Hosting Multitudes art exhibits (the art show that displays the very Jewish nature of the Gospel of Matthew) has become a wonderful way to get engaged with people otherwise uninterested in hearing the gospel. More than 1,800 people have already stopped in to see the art in locations throughout the country. One man even accepted Jesus as Messiah at our gallery in Netanya!

Here is a story from our everyday life and ministry in Israel. IgalVender, a Christian Witness for Israel missionary seconded to Jews for Jesus, reports:

David* is from a totally ultra-Orthodox town near Rosh Ayin.

On my way home from work I stopped for fuel at a gas station. As I was leaving, an ultra-Orthodox man approached me, asking for some money to help him buy fuel. We began talking. David* is from a totally ultra-Orthodox town near Rosh Ayin. I told him I’m a Messianic Jew who believes that God exists and is alive. I explained that I have a personal relationship with God through Yeshua the Messiah. I told him how Yeshua fulfilled all the Messianic prophecies in the Tanakh (Old Testament).

David said that in the Gemara (a foundational Orthodox Jewish commentary) there are six pages devoted to Yeshua, and he found them very interesting.

David’s heart was really open, and our conversation continued for an hour and a half. As it wound down, I asked him if we could stay in contact, and he said ‘yes’. I gave him a copy of the book They Call Him Yeshua, which he happily received. We swapped numbers and promised stay in touch.

Please pray for the Lord to open David’s eyes to the truth about our God!” Please pray for all aspects of our follow-up work, and for our planning for this year and for years to come!

*Not his real name